Appreciate the Teachers!

If you have or had great teachers, or ever “just” good ones….take some time to appreciate them. If you can’t drop them an email, a phone call or even an in person visit at least thank them in your mind. I can list a lot of great teachers from my life.

Mrs. White – My Kindergarten teacher, because if you don’t like Kindergarten you’re less likely to enjoy school at all. I remember the rice table…and I remember butterflies. I’m sure I enjoyed that year :)

Mrs. McClellan – I probably spelled that wrong, but she was my 2nd grade teacher. She was also a friend of my mom’s. I honestly don’t remember a lot about her class….just that I enjoyed going to school, and learning from her every day.

Mrs. Timoney – my 5th grade teacher. It was my 2nd year in a new school, and just from what I’d heard the previous year I knew I wanted her as my teacher. And I was so thrilled to get her! When my little brother began attending that school I would make excuses to visit her. I ran into her at Kroger when my son was about a year old. She remembered me, patted my baby on the head and gave me a hug. I was glad to see her.

Also, in Elementary I had Mr. Thompson, who generated an incredible love for music. I can’t live a single day with out music. One way or another I am listening to, singing along with or playing music. And Mrs. Turner, who helped me appreciate art, even if I’m not an artist.

AND I’M JUST GETTING STARTED!! There were many, many more teachers that influenced my life. Since our kids are in elementary I figured I’d stop there for today, but I would like to tell you a little about all of my favorite teachers. Instead I’ll save it and move on.

With the help of a few friends my husband and I have worked out how we plan to honor our daughter’s Kindergarten teacher. Mrs. A has made this year such a joy for my daughter. She has loved every day she’s attended school, and begged me to take her anyway when she was sick. Today I will be sending home little notes to all the parents, along with a blank slip of paper. Each student can draw and color a picture for her, or write something they learned/like about her etc.( Let me back up a little, I’m also including her Parapro, Mrs. B in my little plan ;)) then my husband and I are going to bind them into a little scrapbook for the teachers. In my note home I’ve also asked the parents to encourage their child to bring in a flower. Any kind of flower, paper, silk, real, weed, whatever. I imagine we’ll have a bunch of clover and dandelion, and that’s cool, I just want to give the kids an opportunity to put their own ‘spin’ on each thing.

As for our older child’s teachers….he’s in 4th grade and they switch classes, so he has 4 teachers! One of my room-mom buddies had the idea to feed these teachers breakfast on Friday, which is also Field Day. I think that’s nice and simple, but will also be appreciated. My son wants to make cookies for each of his teachers, so I will let him do that personal gift as well. It was more difficult to come up with something for three female and one male teachers with out each being a more personal gift. (which I still want to do, as his teachers have been AMAZING!) Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time or money for that, so I was also trying to keep it SIMPLE!! lol I do hope though that over the summer I can pull out my crochet hooks and create something for each of them, we can give it to them at the beginning of next year. I know the boy will want to go visit his old teachers :)

So, that’s all I really have for today, except a little “spam” for all of you…. if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, today I am hosting an online class called “First Trimester Essentials”… you can register for this class at …it is TODAY! I also have several other classes coming up, and would love the chance to be your educator!


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